High quality, affordable rental housing in Seattle, Portland, and beyond

The Arboreal Management community offers beautiful properties at low prices. We work with our renters personally to find the perfect housing fit.

Efficient Housing

We offer all the amenities necessary to live and thrive in the Seattle area

Lower Rents

We build great, small homes in high cost urban locations that are affordable to the people who live and work nearby. 

Great Locations

All properties located in prime locations for students and professionals

Maintenance Requests

Text or call a team member anytime with requests, questions, or concerns

Pay Rent Online

Quick and easy online portals allows you for a quick and hassle free way to pay rent

High Quality Apartments

All apartments are carefully selected with our renters in mind 



By keeping costs down, we can keep rents down. We aim to provide low income and workforce renters with housing that costs no more than 30% of their annual income.



Small units have a far lower carbon footprint than large ones, contributing to sustainable construction and living.


Eco-housing is a smaller, more efficient version of existing housing types, both apartments and houses. Our business is based on the idea that residents care about price and location more than they do about other amenities, such as apartment size. We build great, small homes in urban locations that are affordable to the people who live and work nearby. 

The key to eco-housing is design. We work with talented architects and designers to make the most of small spaces. Through high-quality materials, ample storage, and thoughtful layouts we make a little go a long way

Example Apartments

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